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Control Unit for GTO Thyristors

  • Gate units (GUs) are driver-units used to control Gate-turn-off Thyristors (GTOs). The Type GV A587 A is suitable for use with GTOs with UDRM ≤ 4.5 kV, ITG0M ≤ 3 kA.
  • The control signal, transmitted via fibre optic, controls the output values from the gate unit.
  • A remote indication signal, also transmitted via fibre optic, can be used to check that the gate-unit and GTO are functioning properly.
  • The driver unit is supplied from a square-wave power supply with ± 48 V, 16 kHz.
  • The unit has to have a galvanic isolation. This is realized inside of the GU.
  • This unit has been developed for use in traction systems and is currently being used successfully by numerous customers (among others, Locomotives of the Indian Railway, the Finland Railway, the Italian Railway and the Netherland Railway e.a.).

Model #
  Gate Unit GVA587A

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