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Quality Electronic Components for Power Electronics Applications


Integrated Gate Commutated Thyristors (Asymmetric IGCTs)

  • Patented free-floating silicon technology.
  • Patented low-inductance housing technology.
  • Exceptionally low on-state losses.
  • Optical trigger input and status feedback.
  • Fast response and precise timing.
  • AC square wave or DC supply input.
  • Cosmic radiation withstand rating.

  5SHY 55L4500Data Sheet5SHY_55L4500_5SYA1243-04May_08-1-.pdf4500 V2800 V5000 A1870 A28 to 40 V
  5SHY 42L6500Data Sheet5SHY-42L6500_5SYA1245-02May-08.pdf6500 V4000 V3800 A1290 A28 to 40 V
  5SHY 35L4520Data Sheet5SHY 35L4520_5SYA1248-00Feb 12.pdf4500 V2800 V4000 A1700 A28 to 40 V
  5SHY 35L4521Data Sheet5SHY 35L4521_5SYA1253-00Feb 12.pdf4500 V2800 V4000 A1700 A28 to 40 V
  5SHY 35L4522Data Sheet5SHY 35L4522_5SYA1249-00Feb12.pdf4500 V2800 V4000 A2100 A28 to 40 V
  5SHY 40L4511Data Sheet5SHY 40L4511_5SYA1252-00March 11.pdf4500 V2800 V3600 A1430 A28 to 40 V
  5SHY 50L5500Data Sheet5SHY 50L5500_5SYA1244-04Dec 12.pdf5500 V3300 V3600 A1290 A28 to 40 V

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5S Components Inc is a result of a management buyout of ABB Semiconductors Inc. by John Siefken and Kenny Stephenson. Effective December 1, 2005, 5S Components became the successor to ABB Semiconductors Inc. Kurt Hoerhager, Managing Director of ABB Switzerland Semiconductors and Roland Villiger, Director of Sales, commented that “Creating 5S guarantees focus on semiconductor sales in North America, a vital part our growth strategy.

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