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Asymmetric GTO Thyristors

GTOs are optimized for low conduction losses. The typical on-off switching frequency is in the range of 200 - 500 hertz for most applications. GTOs are, by nature, relatively slow switches. Typical transition times from on to off state and vice versa are in a range of 10 - 30 microseconds. All GTOs require protective networks called "snubbers" for turn-on and turn-off. The turn-on snubber circuit, in essence an inductor, limits the rate of current rise. For turn-off, the GTO requires a device that limits the rate of voltage rise, in essence a capacitor.

  5SGA 15F2502Data Sheet2500 V1400 V1500 A570 AF
  5SGA 20H2501Data Sheet2500 V1400 V2000 A830 AH
  5SGA 25H2501Data Sheet2500 V1400 V2500 A830 AH
  5SGA 30J2501Data Sheet2500 V1400 V3000 A1300 AJ
  5SGA 06D4502Data Sheet4500 V2800 V600 A210 AD
  5SGA 20H4502Data Sheet4500 V2200 V2000 A710 AH
  5SGA 30J4502Data Sheet4500 V2800 V3000 A930 AJ
  5SGA 40L4501Data Sheet4500 V2800 V4000 A1000 AL
  5SGF 30J4502Data Sheet4500 V3000 V3000 A960 AJ
  5SGF 40L4502Data Sheet4500 V2800 V4000 A1180 AL

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