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Quality Electronic Components for Power Electronics Applications


Rectifier Diodes

  • Optimized for line frequency rectifiers.
  • Low on-state voltage, narrow VF-bands for parallel operation.

Model #Item NameData SheetProduct TypeVRRMIFAVMITAVM at TC=85ºCVTOrTHousing
  5SDA 11D1702Data Sheet5SDA11D1702.pdfAvalanche Diodes1700 VN/A1310 A0.74 V0.25 mOD
  5SDA 10D2303Data Sheet5SDA10D2303.pdfAvalanche Diodes2300 VN/A1140 A0.83 V0.30 mOD
  5SDA 09D2604Data Sheet5SDA09D2604.pdfAvalanche Diodes2600 VN/A1020 A0.870 V0.39 mOD
  5SDA 08D3205Data Sheet5SDA08D3205.pdfAvalanche Diodes3200 VN/A910 A0.93 V0.52 mOD
  5SDA 07D3806Data Sheet5SDA07D3806.pdfAvalanche Diodes3800 VN/A790 A1.01 V0.72 mOD
  5SDA 06D5007Data Sheet5SDA07D3806.pdfAvalanche Diodes5000 VN/A690 A1.10 V1.010 mOD
  5SDA 27F2002Data Sheet5SDA27f2002.pdfAvalanche Diodes2000 VN/A2700 A0.79 V0.09 mOF
  5SDA 24F2303Data Sheet5SDA24F2303.pdfAvalanche Diodes2300 VN/A2350 A0.84 V0.130 mOF
  5SDA 21F3204Data Sheet5SDA21F3204.pdfAvalanche Diodes3200 VN/A2110 A0.89 V0.170 mOF
  5SDA 16F3806Data Sheet5SDA16F3806.pdfAvalanche Diodes3800 VN/A1620 A1.03 V0.320 mOF
  5SDA 14F5007Data Sheet5SDA14F5007.pdfAvalanche Diodes5000 VN/A1410 A1.13 V0.44 mOF
  5SDD 11D2800Data Sheet5SDD-11D2800_5SYA1166-00Okt-03.pdfStandard Recovery Diodes2800 VN/A1285 A0.933 V0.242 mOD
  5SDD 08D5000Data Sheet5SDD08D500.pdfStandard Recovery Diodes5000 VN/A1028 A0.894 V0.487 mOD
  5SDD 24F2800Data Sheet5SDD-24F2800.pdfStandard Recovery Diodes2800 VN/A2600 A0.906 V0.135 mOF
  5SDD 20F5000Data Sheet5SDD20F5000.pdfStandard Recovery Diodes5000 VN/A1978 A0.94 V0.284 mOF
  5SDD 40H4000Data Sheet5SDD-40H4000_5SYA1176-00March-05.pdfStandard Recovery Diodes4000 VN/A3847 A0.90 V0.133 mOH
  5SDD 38H5000Data Sheet5SDD_38H5000_5SYA1177-00Sept_07-1-.pdfStandard Recovery Diodes5000 VN/A3814 A0.903 V0.136 mOH
  5SDD 51L2800Data Sheet5SDD-51L2800_5SYA1103-01Feb-05.pdfStandard Recovery Diodes2000 VN/A5380 A0.770 V0.082 mOL1
  5SDD 33L5500Data Sheet5sdd33l5000.pdfStandard Recovery Diodes5000 VN/A3480 A0.94 V0.147 mOL1
  5SDD 60Q2800Data Sheet5SDD-60Q2800_5SYA1161-01Feb-05.pdfStandard Recovery Diodes2000 VN/A7385 A0.80 V0.050 mOQ
  5SDD 60N2800Data Sheet5SDD_60N2800_5SYA1155-01Jan_05-1-.pdfStandard Recovery Diodes2000 VN/A6830 A0.80 V0.050 mON
  5SDD 50N5500Data Sheet5SDD-50N5500_5SYA1169-00Sep-04.pdfStandard Recovery Diodes5000 VN/A4570 A0.80 V0.107 mON
  5SDD 54N4000Data Sheet5SDD-54N4000_5SYA1171-00Dec-03.pdfStandard Recovery Diodes3600 VN/A5200 A0.80 V0.086 mON
  5SDD 31H6000Data Sheet5SDD-31H6000_5SYA1183-02May-09.pdfStandard Recovery Diodes6000 VN/A3246 A0.894 V0.166 mOH
  5SDD 48H3200Data Sheet5SDD-48H3200_5SYA1182-00Sept-07.pdfStandard Recovery Diodes3200 VN/A4710 A0.992 V0.067 mOH
  5SDD 70H2000Data Sheet5SDD_70H2000.pdfStandard Recovery Diodes2000 VN/A7030 A0.861 V0.046 mOH
  5SDD 65H2400Data Sheet5SDD_65H2400.pdfStandard Recovery Diodes2400 VN/A6520 A0.870 V0.057 mOH
  5SDD 11T2800Data Sheet5SDD_11T2800.pdfStandard Recovery Diodes2800 VN/A1285 A0.933 V0.242 mOT1
  5SDD 39K4000Data Sheet5SDD_39K4000.pdfStandard Recovery Diodes4000 VN/A3941 A0.905 V0.109 mOK
  5SDD 08T5000Data Sheet5SDD_08T5000.pdfStandard Recovery Diodes5000 VN/A1028 A0.894 V0.487 mOT1
  5SDD 36K5000Data Sheet5SDD_36K5000.pdfStandard Recovery Diodes5000 VN/A3638 A0.903 V0.136 mOK
  5SDD 50M5500Data Sheet5SDD_50M5500.pdfStandard Recovery Diodes5500 VN/A4850 A0.912 V0.089 mOM
  5SDD 55L5500Data Sheet5SDD_55L5500.pdfStandard Recovery Diodes5500 VN/A5370 A0.912 V0.089 mOL2
  5SDD 06D6000Data Sheet5SDD_06D6000.pdfStandard Recovery Diodes6000 VN/A662 A1.066 V0.778 mOD
  5SDD 09D6000Data Sheet5SDD_09D6000.pdfStandard Recovery Diodes6000 VN/A845 A0.893 V0.647 mOD
  5SDD 10F6000Data Sheet5SDD_10F6000.pdfStandard Recovery Diodes6000 VN/A1363 A1.015 V0.407 mOF
  5SDD 14F6000Data Sheet5SDD_14F6000.pdfStandard Recovery Diodes6000 VN/A1363 A1.015 V0.407 mOF
  5SDD 31K6000Data Sheet5SDD_31K6000.pdfStandard Recovery Diodes6000 VN/A3097 A0.894 V0.166 mOK

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5S Components Inc is a result of a management buyout of ABB Semiconductors Inc. by John Siefken and Kenny Stephenson. Effective December 1, 2005, 5S Components became the successor to ABB Semiconductors Inc. Kurt Hoerhager, Managing Director of ABB Switzerland Semiconductors and Roland Villiger, Director of Sales, commented that “Creating 5S guarantees focus on semiconductor sales in North America, a vital part our growth strategy.

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