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Quality Electronic Components for Power Electronics Applications


Fast Recovery Diodes

  • Optimized for fast and soft turn-off.
  • Small reverse recovery charge.
  • High di/dt capability at turn-off.
  • Range optimally suited for GTO and IGCT applications.
  • Cosmic radiation withstand rating.

Model #Data SheetProduct TypeVRRMVDCITSM at 1 ms TVJMITSM at 10 ms TVJMIrr at di/dt=80 A/µS (A)Qrr at di/dt=80 A/µS (µC)Housing
  5SDF 13H4501Data SheetGTO Freewheeling4500 V2800 V60 kA25.0 kAN/AN/AH
  5SDF 10H6004Data SheetGTO Freewheeling6000 V3800 V44 kA18.0 kAN/AN/AH
  5SDF 05D2501Data SheetSnubber Diodes2500 V1100 V27 kA8.5 kAN/AN/AD
  5SDF 03D4501Data SheetSnubber Diodes4500 V2400 V12 kA5.0 kAN/AN/AD
  5SDF 07H4501Data SheetSnubber Diodes4500 V2400 V40 kA16.0 kAN/AN/AH
  5SDF 02D6002Data SheetSnubber Diodes6000 V3000 V11.4 kA3.6 kAN/AN/AD
  5SDF 03D4502Data SheetIGCT Diodes4500 V2800 V10 kA5.0 kAN/AN/AD
  5SDF 05F4502Data SheetIGCT Diodes4500 V2800 V32 kA16.0 kAN/AN/AF
  5SDF 10H4503Data SheetIGCT Diodes4500 V2800 V47 kA20.0 kAN/AN/AH
  5SDF 02D6004Data SheetIGCT Diodes5500 V3300 V8 kA3.0 kAN/AN/AD
  5SDF 04F6004Data SheetIGCT Diodes5500 V3300 V22 kA10.0 kAN/AN/AF
  5SDF 08H6005Data SheetIGCT Diodes5500 V3300 V40 kA18.0 kAN/AN/AH
  5SDF 06D2504Data SheetGTO Freewheeling2500 VN/A22.6 kA10.0 kA200400D
  5SDF 06T2504Data SheetGTO Freewheeling2500 VN/A22.6 kA10.0 kA200400T1
  5SDF 12F2505Data SheetGTO Freewheeling2500 VN/A43.0 kA19.0 kA230700F
  5SDF 12T2505Data SheetGTO Freewheeling2500 VN/A43.0 kA19.0 kA230700T2
  5SDF 04D4504Data SheetGTO Freewheeling4500 VN/A13.6 kA6.0 kA200400D
  5SDF 04T4504Data SheetGTO Freewheeling4500 VN/A13.6 kA6.0 kA200400T1
  5SDF 08F4505Data SheetGTO Freewheeling4500 VN/A33.9 kA15.0 kA230700F
  5SDF 08T4505Data SheetGTO Freewheeling4500 VN/A33.9 kA15.0 kA230700T2
  5SDF 20L4520Data SheetIGCT Diodes4500 V2800 VN/A38.0 kAN/AN/AL2
  5SDF 28L4520Data SheetIGCT Diodes4500 V2800 VN/A48 kAN/AN/AL2
  5SDF 20L4521Data SheetIGCT Diodes4500 V2800 VN/A38.0 kAN/AN/AL3
  5SDF 28L4521Data SheetIGCT Diodes4500 V2800 VN/A48 kAN/AN/AL3
  5SDF 13H4505Data SheetGTO Freewheeling4500 V2800 VN/A23.0 kAN/AN/AH3

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