5S Components - Quality Electronic Components for Power Electronics Applications

Quality Electronic Components for Power Electronics Applications



Fast Recovery Diodes

  • Optimized for fast and soft turn-off.
  • Small reverse recovery charge.
  • High di/dt capability at turn-off.
  • Range optimally suited for GTO and IGCT applications.
  • Cosmic radiation withstand rating.

Rectifier Diodes

  • Optimized for line frequency rectifiers.
  • Low on-state voltage, narrow VF-bands for parallel operation.

Welding Diodes

  • Designed for medium frequency welding equipment and optimized for high current rectifiers.
  • Proven high reliability in welding equipment with very low on-state voltage and very low thermal resistance.

5S Components Co.

5S Components Inc is a result of a management buyout of ABB Semiconductors Inc. by John Siefken and Kenny Stephenson. Effective December 1, 2005, 5S Components became the successor to ABB Semiconductors Inc. Kurt Hoerhager, Managing Director of ABB Switzerland Semiconductors and Roland Villiger, Director of Sales, commented that “Creating 5S guarantees focus on semiconductor sales in North America, a vital part our growth strategy.

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