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Model # NCS125T-10AF

  • These current sensors are specially designed and manufactured for Traction applications (NCS range for fixed railway applications and CS range for rolling stock).
  • The requirements for these sensors are generally higher than those for Industry applications (larger operating temperature range, higher level of shocks and vibrations).
  • These sensors can be fixed mechanically, by the case or by the primary bar, depending on the version or option.

Item NameOutput Current Shielded Cable
Product TypeCurrent sensors
Nominal Primary Current (Peak)10000 A
Measuring Range (Peak)30000 A
Supply Voltage (DC)±24 V
Mounting TypeFrame Mounting
Not Measurable Overload (Peak)200000 A
Secondary Current IS1 at IPN (Peak)±20 mA
Secondary Current IS2 at IPMAX (Peak)±20 mA
Residual Current IS1O= ±250 µA
Residual Current IS2O= ±180 µA
Thermal Drift Coefficient (Outputs IS1 IS2)= ±4 µA/ºC
Measuring Resistance (Outputs IS1 IS2)0 to 350 O
RMS Accuracy 50 Hz (without offset) at IPN1= ±1 %
RMS Accuracy 50 Hz (without offset) at IPMAX2= ±3 %
Gain Thermal Drift (-25ºC to 85ºC)= 0.03 %/ºC
Gain Thermal Drift (-40ºC to -25ºC)= 0.1 %/ºC
Linearity (Typical)±0.5 %
Delay Time (Typical)= 3 µs
di/dt Correctly Followed= 100 A/µs
Bandwidth0 to 10 kHz
No Load Consumption Current (IA0)= 180 mA
No Load Consumption Current (IA0-)= 35 mA
Dielectric Strength Primary/Secondary (rms)20 kV
Mass1 kg
Operating Temperature-40 to 85 ºC
Storage/Startup Temperature-50 to +90 ºC
Secondary ConnectionShielded cable 6 wires (2 m)
Ordering Code1SBT209210R0001
ConformityEN50121-5 EN50123-1 EN50124-1 EN50155
Maximum current IPN generated5000 A rms
FeaturesGeneral Data Plastic case and insulating resin are self-extinguishing. Two fixing modes : Horizontal or vertical with fixing holes in the case moulding. By bar using the intermediate flange kit. Max tightening torque for M6 screws (flange mounting): 2 N.m. Direction of the Current : Output current (IS1 and IS2) : A primary current flowing in the direction of the arrow results in a positive secondary output current on terminals IS1 and IS2. Output voltage (VS1 and VS2) : A pr
DetailsFixed Installations 100% electronic The main advantage of the NCS range of sensors is that they are designed using a brand-new solution : 100% electronic technology. Unlike other currently available solutions such as shunts and CTs, this approach means that these sensors are very compact. Several patents were necessary to achieve this improvement. Considerable energy savings NCS sensors offer considerable savings in energy. Indeed only a few watts are required to power the NCS se

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